Random poem for children

🌼 Splendid! Welcome!
Here, you get a random poem by Anders on the Google+ community Kids in mind.

If you come from the home page Poet on View, kindly know this site you now are on is another site of mine. And if you click the link to a random poem, you will go to a third site. So, you should remember the short address to the pages for children on Poet on View is kids.trixnix.com.

The link which takes you to the overall community site with poems for children on Google+ is | here |.

Get a random poem by Anders

[ You can make such a script yourself. Ai have copied it. Right click to see it.
Look up anything saying "(site) source".
Or, look up on any other page here aI have made for random poem pick,
since this script is a bit special. Ai have added the names of the poems. ]

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