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- is the short address to this page.

This is a surprise present to those exploring Prixnix by mobile phones, though are able to enter internet by personal computers. You see, aI have made this web page, not posted on internet. On it, aI have gathered symbols aI usually use, and codes, and since aI have it stored on my computer, with a favourite link to it in my browser, it costs me nothing to make pleasant. This web page given below is an excerpt of that web page.

At the same time, this web page, by the style sheet, is a portal to know HTML and CSS, by which all, almost, web pages are made, and by which one can make wonders on Blogger, and also on WordPress, and also on some other services. Blogger was the grounder. By knowing a little HTML, you can be special, on internet (look up what HTML and CSS means).

This page is in Norwegian. Ai expect you to know Norwegian. And if you don't, there is Google Translate, and you will enjoy it anyway. The page, and the codes, aI mean.

As aI have stated elsewhere on this page, a marvelous resource regarding HTML and CSS, and also Script, and whatever, is

This is what you must do, on your computer:

  1. Make a copy of the content in the text box.
  2. Open the text editor on your computer (in Windows: Notebook), and paste this on a blank page. Remember to save it, somewhere, as Whatever.html page. If not saved as html page, the browser will not read it.
  3. Open that page in a browser, by |ctrl| + |O|. Make favourite.
    Please notice: It seems to me, by the browser of Windows, one has to open the file by going to the file explorer and double click the link. Complicated. One should, aI mean, be able to open from above. Right?

Take care! Show off by Google Drive:

| Her | på Google Drive - finner du stilarket gjengitt som tekst.

Copy by right-clicking or by | Ctrl | + | A | and | Ctrl | + | C |.
Paste by right-clicking or by | Ctrl | + | V |.

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