Memorable Norwegian sayings

We know her ...

These are sayings aI have made over some time, starting in 2018, and which aI have presented by a random pick widget on the computer version of Prixnix.

"If the Girl is handled, she gets touchy."
"If the Girl sings, she is true."
"In hard times, the Girl prefers to be soft."
"In the house of the Girl, she is the one leading."
"The Girl is not stupid. She is impractible."
"When the Girl behaves, she is decent."
"When the Girl creates, she produces not."
"When the Girl decides, she makes up her mind."
"When the Girl draws, she makes pictures."
"When the Girl estimates, she is not good at it."
"When the Girl goes to bed, she is not standing up."
"When the Girl goes to bed, up with day she is fed."
"When the Girl is clear, she is obvious."
"When the Girl is cute, she is attractive."
"When the Girl is dreaming, nothing seems hard."
"When the Girl is funny, she is amusing."
"When the Girl is immature, she is a little girl."
"When the Girl is interacting, she sees through her eyes."
"When the Girl is looking up, she is not lost."
"When the Girl is lovely, she is not correct."
"When the Girl is not active, she has nothing to worry about."
"When the Girl is not occupied, she is engaged."
"When the Girl is okay, she is likely astonishing."
"When the Girl is practising, she is getting better."
"When the Girl is signalling, she makes wonders."
"When the Girl is subjected to star, she wonders how many there are."
"When the Girl is subtle, she is a subject."
"When the Girl is thinking twice, there is love in the air."
"When the Girl kisses the mirror, the nose is in the way."
"When the Girl listens, she pays attention."
"When the Girl minds, she is in a way."
"When the Girl reflects, she is up to something."
"When the Girl sees a shop, she is rather, on top!"
"When the Girl shakes her head, she is not a lotto winner."
"When the Girl smiles, she looks natural."
"When the Girl speaks up, she says something."
"When the Girl studies a book, she sees past it."
"When the Girl takes a shower, her eyes get filled."
"When the Girl thinks it's all right, it's funny."
"When the Girl thinks of it, she is getting at it."
"When the Girl tries, she puts in an effort."
"When the Girl values, she is heavenly."
"When the Girl vanishes, she disappears. Not visa versa."
"When the Girl wears a dress, she makes her hair."
"When the Girls smiles, she shows teeth."
"When the Girls stands upright, she is down to earth."
"With regards to personality, the Girl is a gift."

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