Spots of mine

Ai live in the city of Trondheim in Norway. Here are photographed spots aI the summer of 2019 made in my apartment. Ai changed the spots a bit when aI got tired of them. Click on the photo to get a bigger image.

My bookshelf has three spots. The upper is the child spot. Ai am thinking of child abuse. And aI am thinking of children in general. The knitted boy doll aI got from Ligaya. The blue vase is from my childhood house. And the small squared blue glass jar with light in it is from the home of my aunt Reidun, my mother's oldest sister, who was my godmother.

The spot in the middle is the mother spot. It is a memory of my mother, and it is an acknowledgement of motherhood as such. The photo is of my mother. The brass bell is from her achievement getting a glockenspiel in the Nidarose cathedral. The two glasses with stems aI have got from my younger sister. The flat vase aI gave to my mother when she turned 70 years old. And the letter knife in silver my mother gave to me in birthday present when we were on Sardinia together, a few years after 2000. The brass is from my aunt Reidun. The heart is made by my aunt Randi. And the glass jar with angels on it and light in it is a gift to me from my aunt Unni. These three were the sisters of my mother. In the smallest brass thing are a silver cross and the shield of the noble Benkestok family, both pins.

The spot to the right, with the silver in it, is a memory of my family, and an acknowledgement of family as such. The silver was given my grandparents as they married April the 4th 1916. The spoon on the wall has an E on it, which presumably means it is older, and comes from Å in Lofoten where my family comes from. The little silver box is a memory of my father, and contains his cufflinks in gold and my ring in gold from the Military Academy of Norway. The glass is from my family back to Å in Lofoten.

This spot is an arrangement for the father. The photo is of my father. The green bowls are from my childhood home, and aI believe they were given to my parents when they married, from the parents of my father. The silver stakes aI have bought myself.
This spot is a praise of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Father and Saviour. The small statue is an image of Joseph, Mariah and the baby boy which aI have bought. The statue came without spear to Joseph. So, aI have made him a spear, of a spiral. The three candle light holders in stone are from the house of my aunt Reidun, who never married, and was my godmother.
This spot is a praise of the hypnotized and the broken ones. The figure of the man is a cake decoration.

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