Tune trade

As of April the 16th 2021 aI was no longer able to present the music aI have composed, on Trixnix. My latest works, though, are presented on musescore.prixnix.com .
Ai am by heart Norwegian, and once aI was a lousy player of accordion, that is, of the accordion with piano keyboard. Basically, aI think, that is who aI am, and it is of great pleasure, to me, to show who aI am, by God given to show off, almost in the way aI by data manipulations make nice fast prints of my early, lousy drawings. This playlist aI suggest might be a catch of the basic feel of Norway. There is, of course, more than this. There is creativity in numerous directions. Speaking of what we are, though, it is my feeling, well ... Here we are.

The one, or the ones, playing my scores, here, is, or are, fantastic. That is not a matter of opinion. We are speaking of class.

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