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These are sayings aI have made over some time, starting in 2018, and which aI have presented by a random pick widget on the computer version of Prixnix.

"A certain view is always due."
"A chicken will not appear from an egg eaten up."
"A man is not what appears in the toilet."
"A precious child answers to many names, and none of these are 'baby'."
"A soldier never dies, he just fades away, McArthur said, and night is good to day."
"A way to go will be quite so."
"A woman is not stupid. She is beautiful."
"A woman is not what you think of as got. An excuse is not hot."
"Any is who has to do."
"Ask not of others what you don't do yourself."
"Be rational about it; if it is not good, don't do it."
"Being foolish is not okay. One should not fools obey."
"Better be crazy than sound minded lazy."
"Better so, than not to go."
"Better to be one, than nothing."
"Born are leaders left of pleaders."
"By a lady, talk is tidy."
"By living the life of others, the life of living one bothers."
"Carefully begun is halfway done."
"Class is counted, teacher mounted."
"Consequence is found, and so, one should address the letting go."
"Easy cloud speaks out loud, not for weak, so to speak."
"Every soldier dreams about being a general, they say, and the general is a soldier. Outstanding."
"Feeling lousy is not cosy."
"For sure, the girl is God to churl."
"For those who nothing know, poverty is always the solution."
"For to be to dinner looking, one, for sure, must it be cooking."
"Homo is not gay. Homo is a way."
"I make no promises. I never have, and I never will. That is a promise."
"Identity is not so bad, when thinking of what kind one had."
"If at it together, are upper and nether."
"If black and white was war, a morning would come out of it."
"If feeling for it, you'd better be dancing. When feeling for it, you'd better be too."
"If heaven of, we fall in love."
"If in a hurry, why is blurry."
"If living was damned one would be rather dead."
"If love is gone, there is no son."
"If needing it by the number, it will not count."
"If not a glory, sad is story."
"If not adjourned, the will is turned."
"If not engaged; be married!"
"If not smoking one is choking."
"If noticed, you'd rather do well!"
"If silly could smile, she would with a style."
"If some there is you want to tell, you surely have no thing to sell."
"If the eye is an island, I'd rather be two."
"If the new did appear by the colour, bit coin would be made of Dollar."
"If the stupid could fly, it wouldn't know why."
"If there is room for furniture, there is hope."
"If there is room for two, it hurts."
"If you are star, quite small you are."
"If you don't respect artists, and women are so, you are no good."
"If you have ever come to a conclusion, you know love is blind."
"If you let go, no way will so."
"If you want fame, consider name."
"Is nothing right, the right will fight."
"Latter smiling all is filing."
"Life is not a horse race. Life is goal to face."
"Lose fantasy, and you lose touch."
"Loverboy is powerjoy and vanishtoy."
"Never only, sad and lonely."
"No woman or man appears as it can."
"Not being so great is far better than late."
"One chooses shirt for an evening, and not for a life."
"One generation is smarter. And that is the starter."
"One should not be so foolish. One should rather smile."
"Play like a fool and boil like the cool."
"Rainbow forming is not storming."
"Relieved is not believed."
"Satan hates to lose debates."
"Satan is a self made stupid."
"Self made is grade."
"Sweet is anger in a manger."
"Take it slow if way you know. If in hurry, take is blurry."
"The best is for God to close."
"The energy made by annulling is somewhat powerful."
"The example of horror is found in the mirror."
"The lady treats the one who cheats."
"The last to laugh is not the half."
"The man alone is must to throne."
"The pleasure of wanting a man is not sane."
"There are chances girl enhances."
"There never is game with one in the middle of it."
"Time takes any wound. The wounded, though, takes time."
"To be one and not the other is the other not to bother."
"To be the common is not bad. Bad it is to summon."
"To be the story should be glory. And if not, your fault got."
"To dare to be is to be not."
"To find the tune is for the moon."
"To follow take, one move must make."
"To shake and make, the sake for fake."
"To spy is to die."
"Treatment should be firm, not poor."
"Up and running king is stunning."
"Upon the earth much is of worth, and what is good is drink and food."
"When defeated, you are treated."
"When despised with a prize you don't want it. You need it."
"When getting it, you are not fit."
"When hatred grows, together knows, and take bestows."
"When one is the head, one better be dead."
"When reaching the limit, enough is enough."
"Women should not be made to do. Women should be made up."

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