12 suits

These 12 collections of poems constituted the walls of Trixnix when aI thought of Trixnix as the New Jerusalem. That arrangement aI took down November the 2nd 2019. Each collection consists of 36 poems, and every collection is different in style and content, even if looking similar to each other, as web pages. These collections were my celebration of mastery, writing poetry. Six collections are in Norwegian and six collections are in English.

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In Norwegian

Sut # 1 1.trixnix.comForbannet å være
Sut # 2 2.trixnix.comSelvstendig å være
Sut # 3 3.trixnix.comTrofast å være
Sut # 4 4.trixnix.comForstandig å være
Sut # 5 5.trixnix.comSelvsikker å være
Sut # 6 6.trixnix.comEnestående å være

In English

Suit # 7 7.trixnix.comSorry to be
Suit # 8 8.trixnix.comAppealing to be
Suit # 9 9.trixnix.comFaithful to be
Suit # 10 10.trixnix.comInformed to be
Suit # 11 11.trixnix.comAssured to be
Suit # 12 12.trixnix.comWinning to be

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