Random smiley widget

Here is the html code to a random smiley widget you can put on your own Magnimix site, or on any site or blog. Remember that the link (given by the face) in the widget will take you away: By clicking the link, the one will leave the site on which the widget is (and in fact enter Trixnix without going through the walls).

<div style="font-size:9pt;">Get a smiley<br><span style="padding-left:10px">by Vaccinius</span><br><br><center><a href="https://trixnixmix.blogspot.no/2016/09/pick_26.html"><img src="http://L2W.no/w6ks" /></center><br><div style="font-size:8pt;">The link takes you away! Remember to bookmark, to get back!</div></div>


Get a smiley
by Vaccinius

The link takes you away! Remember to bookmark, to get back!


The width of the widget will be 100%. If you want to restrain the width, put the code | width:140px; | (for example) before "font-size:9pt;" in the widget code, in the first "div".

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