Imagine, is a Blogger blog. Many know Blogger, and if you don't, you should consider doing a research. Ai have manipulated the blog, somewhat, making it look like a regular, though fancy, web page. Blogger allows that. Ai believe it to be a policy of the team, instructing us, in the beginning, in 2004, and for some, before that, to make personal changes by using html, and even to make publications. Ai love it how this site now looks. Ai believe, though, one in Google have some ideas of something like a splendid representation, and maybe that is the future. By that aI think of a profile which is like a being. The look, and by that the feeling, of this blog, as of any other Blogger blog and Google site aI make, is my own. The technical basis, and by that the ordering of modules, is given by the template offered by Blogger or by Google Site respectively, but aI manipulate the template by changing text and colours and by adding minor html codes changing the appearance of the site. In most of my sites aI also add small snippets of script giving the possibility of getting the posts listed or getting a random pick. These short scripts aI have found by searching on internet. There is no awakening of any third party site in any of these scripts. Ai have used the scripts for many years, and the scripts are all right. Ai am very grateful to the people having made them. Now and then aI experience aI come short in technical knowledge. When aI experience my shortcomings in this way, aI may find another solution to what aI want to achieve, or aI think God must have a plan. Ugliness, though, aI always get rid of. Ai believe Blogger is the most friendly and educating care-taking found on internet ever.

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