Thy chick Most certainly you will be free
if you just will with me agree
that one must be somewhat awake.
And those are not who ask for take.

This is a Russian song, translated by me. Ai believe it is a folk song, though aI am not certain, since aI have not been able to find out what the origin of the song is. The original title of the song is Я на жизнь рассчитывать не вправе. Ai have made the scores by listening to a performance on YouTube. The arrangement is mine. Ai love the song, and aI have translated the song to both English and to Norwegian (to Norwegian first).

Ai believe we in Norway share something with the Russians, dependent on the climate, and on the natural given notion of endlessness. This comes to expression in the music written in minor. Ai really love this tune.

Я на жизнь рассчитывать не вправе by Vaccinius

Here | The song playing on YouTube which made me aware of the song, presented on Magnimix.

How can I just live the way of living?
Damned to be, my way was often made.
How can I, my Lord, by thee abide?
How can I by thee express a thing.

What can I make forth to give the honour?
I am always stuck in awe to thee.
I am always looking for thy mercy.
That is all, I will be heading for.

[ Instrumental ]

Thou have been in daylight and in darkness.
And though I my Lord was not aware
Christ appeared to hide me from the not clear.
Christ protected me from mud and mess.

I by thee was never like an orphan.
I was never really left alone.
In the unexpected eyes of heaven
I feel like an apple to adore.

[ Instrumental ]
Hvordan kan jeg modig leve livet.
Døden kakket ofte på hos meg.
Hvordan kan jeg, Herre, være ved deg?
Være vis, og vise kjærlighet.

Hva kan jeg bestille for å gi deg?
Jeg står alltid her i gjeld til deg.
Jeg for deg står fram med bot og bedring.
Det er alt, hva jeg kan gi av ting.

[ Instrumentalt ]

Du har vært igjennom lys og mørke.
Og om jeg var liketil der ved,
Kristus skjermet meg fra vits og været.
Tok meg inn i seg, mot fiende.

Jeg var ei foruten faders omsorg.
Jeg var ei alene i en borg.
Under øyne av den blåe himmel
du gir meg en stille hjørnedel.

[ Instrumentalt ]

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