Easy addresses

It took me a while before aI got it aI could make these addresses, and for a while, the sites were referred to as ?.trixnix.com addresses. By late April 2019 aI believed the creation was in order. Kindly notice there are even more short addresses listed in "Links" in the top menu.



like.prixnix.com Random poetry
locus.prixnix.com Random locus
lokus.prixnix.com Tilfeldig lokus
tune.prixnix.com Random sound
you.prixnix.com Random smiley
youtwo.prixnix.com Small smiley Blogger blog
chance.prixnix.com Random poster on Flickr

home.prixnix.com Trondheim by God
kids.prixnix.com Poet on View - For children
hjem.prixnix.com Poet on View - Hjemmeside
ung.prixnix.com Poet on View - Ungenes side
ten.prixnix.com The Ten Words
idea.prixnix.com The prime idea
samkvem.prixnix.com Samkvem modellen
godmix.prixnix.com Godmix (Fantasifix)
fantasy.prixnix.com Godmix (Fantasifix)
fantasi.prixnix.com Godmix (Fantasifix)
trondheim.prixnix.com Tindrende Trondheim
wwww.prixnix.com World Wide Wit Want



home.trixnix.com The kid's pages
hjem.trixnix.com Poet on View - Hjemmeside
magnimix.trixnix.com Magnimix
prixnix.trixnix.com Prixnix
profile.trixnix.com Profile information on Magnimix
profil.trixnix.com Profil informasjon på Magnimix

The prixnix blogs numbere 1 to 12 has got addresses from 1.trixnix.com to 12.trixnix.com.

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