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Kindly notice there are even more short addresses listed in "Links" in the top menu.


idea.trixnix.com The Prime Idea
mixnix.trixnix.com Mixnix
home.trixnix.com Poet on view - Home page hjem.trixnix.com
godmix.trixnix.com Godmix
damesnames.trixnix.com Damesnames jentemente.trixnix.com
prixnix.trixnix.com Prixnix
magnimix.trixnix.com Magnimix

The trixnix blogs numbered 1 to 12, that is the walls of Trixnix, have got addresses from 1.trixnix.com to 12.trixnix.com, and the basis of the walls is to be found on i.trixnix.com.

profile.trixnix.com Profile information on Magnimix
profil.trixnix.com Profil informasjon på Magnimix
young.trixnix.com The children's pages
ung.trixnix.com Barnesidene


like.prixnix.com Random poetry
locus.prixnix.com Random locus
tune.prixnix.com Random sound
you.prixnix.com Random smiley
chance.prixnix.com Random fast print on Flickr
lokus.prixnix.com Tilfeldig lokus

cute.prixnix.com Small smiley Blogger blog
kids.prixnix.com Poet on View - For children
barn.prixnix.com Poet on View - Ungenes side
ten.prixnix.com The Ten Words
samkvem.prixnix.com Samkvem modellen
trondheim.prixnix.com Tindrende Trondheim
wwww.prixnix.com World Wide Wit Want
pek.prixnix.com Her er jeg også
start.prixnix.com HTML start
letter.prixnix.com Lett vett - light love (the HTML blog)

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