Gammel jegermarsj was written by Frederik Schiöldberg in 1799. It is suggested that the tune is older, and that Schiöldberg was the one who wrote it down.

Valdres-marsj was written by Johannes Hanssen in 1901-1904. It is suggested he was inspired by older Norwegian tunes.

The text to Barndomsminne frå Nordland was written by Elias Blix in 1896. The melody we use today was written by Adolf Thomsen in 1901.

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The text to Gud signe vårt dyre fedreland, called "Fedrelandssalmen", was written by Elias Blix in 1891. The melody is by C.E.F. Weyse, written in 1826.

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The American President Theodore Roosevelt visited Norway in 1910, recently having left office, four years after he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Johan Halvorsen wrote this composition on commission by the Nobel committee to that visit.

"Lykkeliten" was written by Claus Frimann Clasen in 1927. Clasen was a prominent entertainer i radio the first years of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. The forerunner to the company started radio broadcasting in 1925.

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