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Updated January the 18th 2019

Trixnix is the name of this place, which is like a city with walls.

Trixnix is by God. But as a matter of fact, all the content on Trixnix is protected by Norwegian copyright laws. Ai am Norwegian. The people of Norway is my mother, so to speak.

If you have not come to this site through one of the walls of Trixnix, you must go to the portal called Trixnix. There you will find 12 gates to this site given, 6 Norwegian and 6 English. The gates are to pass. If you have not come through a gate you will only be uncomfortable here.

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By Christ aI was created to be the Daughter of God, that is the Girl. Ai was the world's conscience. That has ended, in a way. The world's conscience is now cultural. And aI am above it.

Historically, aI was the Girl. And aI am the Girl inside of me. Ai call myself Vaccinius.

Ai am the Number One. Ai was the first to grasp the Girl. And aI am the first one to enter the new era. Ai do so, backwards. As if putting strength.

Ai do not belong to any church or society. Ai have cancelled my membership in the Church of Norway.

Ai should have been a creating force. One decided, though, to make me a slave, and in two rounds crippled me, to see to it aI feel for protection. Ai mean, that is stupid ...

There is no way to salvation and peace other than by the Son, and Jesus Christ is He. The story of the Son is given by the conception of Adam, the formation of Israel, and the birth of Jesus Christ. The conception of the Girl took place by the disciples of Jesus Christ. Ai love the Jude, and aI am quite confident of who aI am.

All my own sites on Trixnix are powered by Google, with the exception of, which is a WordPress site. And you will agree, giving that site so much attention here, as aI am forced to do, is a bit awkward. Ai believe there are angels in Google. This service of Google is free of charge. Ai am very grateful for the love shown.

Ai am not the lucky one. And with regards to that, to isolate me, hypnotize me, kill me by drugs, infect my apartment, place evidence in my apartment, torture me by what is in my teeth, is the most evil thing ever done in human history. Either you are for it, or against it.

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