To the U.S. company Google

The American company Google, a Limited Liability Company, is the provider of all of, technically speaking. In Google, by the structure of the services afforded, one allows any other provision used on Trixnix.

I am very grateful for the services of Google on internet. I started using Blogger in 2004 and the chance to create something unique on internet given by this superb service has really had a great impact upon me. By the initial service of Blogger I was encouraged to learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language), and I did, so I am able to make my presentations very personal. The service was free of charge so that I could play. And I understood I could create something which would stand forever. Google Sites I discovered in 2010, I believe. By using Blogger and Google Sites I feel I am encouraged to be responsible. I am impressed by the love shown and I am very grateful.

The music found in the music player below, called "Google Tune", aI made the 7th of October 2019 and presented it, the same day, to the company Google, as gift, on the blog post on Blog © Trixnix called ꜛTo the company Google.

As I have stated elsewhere, I believe, many times, I deleted my Google connection in a psychoses in 2011. I made a new connection after hospitalization, and started my work all over again. Also later, I have cancelled my connection to Google a couple of times, due to the work of Satan. Then, though, I have been able to restore the fun. Today I have one Google account. My Google account is to be identified on Blogger, on the user profile

Ai do not know who is playing.
The performance is fantastic.

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